by Anay Pareek November 25, 2019

Complete guide on how to create email id on GoDaddy hosting. All the steps are given with images so you can create an email id by yourself.

How to create email id on godaddy Hosting

How to create email id on godaddy Hosting

Godaddy is a widely used hosting provider, especially in India. Godaddy provides you mainly two hosting services

  • Godaddy Linux Hosting
  • Godaddy Plesk/Windows Hosting

Godaddy has different plans for different hosting service below are some details about GoDaddy hosting.


Godaddy Linux Hosting


Godaddy Linux hosting is the most used hosting of GoDaddy, Linux hosting is a little hard to manage for a non-developer as compared to windows/Plesk hosting. Below are Godaddy plans for Linux hosting


Godaddy Linux Plans


Creating Email id on Godaddy Linus Hosting

Step 1: Login to Cpanel

There are 2 way to get into Cpanel:-

Way 1: Through Godaddy Main login Page

Way 2: Through Godaddy Direct Cpanel Login


Login through Godaddy main login page:

Step 1: Open this link

Step 2: Enter your Email Id/username and password and click Sign In


Godaddy main login


Step 3: Now scroll below you will find Web Hosting option click on it and     

               it will show you a manage button, Click on the manage button


web hosting


Step 4: Now it will take you to dashboard and you will find a Cpanel Admin button as shown in an image below click on it.




Now you are in your Cpanel Congratulations !!


Login through Godaddy Cpanel Page:

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Enter your Cpanel user id and password and click login


cpanel login


 Ta-da you are in your Cpanel !!

Now we will proceed with how to create email


Step 2: In your Cpanel, scroll down and in the email section you will find email accounts options




Step 3: Now you will see all your email ids on this page if you want to manage, delete or edit you can do it from here. Click on Create button to create a new Email Id.




Step 4: Now you are on the email id creation page, Enter email id you want to create and enter the desired password below in password box. You can set space according to you if this email will be very much used then set it to unlimited otherwise give it a fixed space.




Step 5: Click on create and your email id will be created. Congratulations!!


Godaddy Windows/Plesk Hosting


Godaddy Windows/Plesk Hosting is for those who have little less knowledge about servers, Cpanel has created easy to manage portal through which you can easily change settings in a hosting without any prior knowledge about servers. 


Here are Godaddy Plesk Plans