by Anay Pareek August 8, 2019

When it comes to website development we all know there are many website development companies in Jaipur. But what to look for in a company is it experience ? or is it no of employees ? or is something else that you look in a company

Website Development Companies in Jaipur

When it comes to website development we all know there are many website development companies in Jaipur. But what to look for in a company is it experience ? or is it no of employees ? or is something else that you look in a company answer below and find out what most people look for in a company.

So now you have answered you know what most people look at the company. We all know that IT is one of the most important parts of INDIA as the only IT company provides 6% of the total GDP of INDIA, and we all know that around the globe INDIA is famous for its IT companies because of cheap development and great skill and due to the currency difference it gives great advantage to develop a product in INDIA that proves that only TCS ( TATA Consultancy Services) 979 billion Indian rupees in 2015 (roughly 14.5 billion U.S. dollars).
There are many web designing companies and development companies in Jaipur and each company follows a different pattern of working. Many procedures should be followed in website development services.

1. Discussion between client and developer

what most companies do is that there is a discussion between client and marketing person and then the marketing person talks with the developer, this creates a communication gap between client and developer and also when the developer and client talks directly then there are certain advantages such as:-
a) A clear understanding of the product that will be developed.

b) A developer can give ideas to improve the product technically

c) If something is not possible then it can be mentioned to client same time and an alternate of that can be decided.

d) The more clear timeline can be given by the web developer also marketing executive gives less timeline to the client to get a project, this issue can also be removed when the developer and client talk directly.


2) Detailed Documentation:-

After the discussion between client and developer, there should be detailed documentation on the project because after the discussion developer team does all the Research about each module and collects all the queries.

3) Discussion on queries

After the first draft of documentation is done second meeting should be there in which all the queries should be discussed and then final documentation is created

4) Timeline with the testing period

A clear timeline should be given in the documentation, with each module and its release date and also add test period into that module.


5) Technology

What most people do is that they discuss about the product but not about the technology, It is important because the future of your product depends on the technology used in the development. So always choose development technology wisely

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6) Start of designing

When the development start first thing that you should finalize is your design because website design can be very complicated and no one gets an idea until they see it so go for website photoshop designs, this will give you a better idea about your design or if the development team wants to give you HTML templates of the website then you should do designing changes in front of them so you can actually see what it looks like and change accordingly


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7) Start of development

After you are done with the designing part another important part is the development and advantages of the development part is that you don't need to sit with the developer because codes work on the backend. The important thing to check in development is that everything is working without errors and try different cases and you might end up with an error. If there are no errors then you can move to the testing part.

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8) Testing Phase

After you are done with development and you are sure that your product is working error-free, is it working error-free? well answer to your question is no, there might be some errors and those errors are security level errors. There can be SQL INJECTIONS in your website that you are unaware about which can hackers directly to your website database and once they have access to your database then they can delete, edit and add anything into your database, which can be deeply hurt your website reputation if your client's sensitive data such as username and password is compromised.

A quick question do you keep your username and password same on most of the sites so it is easy to remember?

If your answer is yes then you need to change your passwords ASAP Why?


Website testing should be done by proper testers and why are we recommending you this after you have done thorough testing because there can some silly errors and if you give your product directly to testers then they will find more errors and it will cost you more. Website testers check each form and input field on your website and try to inject any PHP code in your files if they succeed then they may be able to control your database or even your server depending on how high or low security was. Testers will provide you links of the pages with flaws and you can pass them to your website development team and they can resolve that and after you have the green light from your testing team bingo you can go live !!

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9) Website Management

After you are done with all the steps above what is the next important thing, that you get the client and proper response on your website and for that, you have to provide the best experience to your users and you can check that with different tools that you should use if you want to rank on google and you want response on your website and learn about internet marketing, check out the link below

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These are some major points to keep in mind in website development, this workflow is used by many big companies because of

a) Systematic work is done

b) Chances of a dispute between client and company are less

c) Multiple projects can be handled by companies with any hassle

But still, there are many companies who provide web solutions in Jaipur and follow different technique and it's working great for them. If you think that we are missing anything please add into the comment section below and if you are looking for website development in Jaipur or designing contact us. Please share and subscribe to our newsletter so you get regular updates about our blogs.

Thank you.